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    5 Things I’ve learned from David Green

    There are things you only learn through association with others. I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by incredible people who are constantly teaching me things I’d never get to experience otherwise. One of these people is David Green, founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby.

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    Lessons I’ve Learned in the Chair

    Today is my last day as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Oral Roberts University. It has been an incredibly enriching experience. I can honestly say the Chair has given me more than I have given it in the life and leadership lessons it has provided.

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    Rogue Waves: Is The Risk Worth The Reward?

    I’m convinced that in life, like in the ocean, the deeper the water, the more precious the natural resource waiting to be exploited.

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    What I Learned from John C. Maxwell

    John C. Maxwell is the leadership guru. He’s the guy whose books you read and seminars you attend if you want to become a better leader.

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    Are You a Movement or a Ministry?

    In a collaborative and globalized world the Church needs to be thinking more about building movements and less about building isolated organizations.

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    The God Who Sees

    Children who should be carefree and playing with their peers are facing the darkest moments of their lives. They flee the violence in their own country, and face challenges adjusting to life as a refugee.

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    New Year’s Resolution: Diving Deep into the Word

    During different seasons of my life, how I read the Bible changes. But one thing does not—my daily time spent in God’s Word is a non-negotiable.

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    OneHope turns 30!

    OneHope was birthed out of a vision God gave Dad; of Satan attacking the children of the world and how desperately they needed to be rescued.

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    2016: The Year in Review

    This was a challenging ministry year. And while there were whispers of God’s faithfulness sustaining us through each challenge; looking back His overwhelming providence is loud and clear.

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    A Toast to My Dad

    As my dad—my hero—got married this past weekend, I shared a few words to honor his life, new wife, and…