The Potential of a Seed

The Potential of a Seed

By Kim Hoskins

One of the most enjoyable experiences of Rob’s and my life has been to go back together to visit the places where we both grew up. For Rob it’s the Middle East and France; and for me it’s Central and South America. It is fascinating to relive the memories and explore what has remained the same and what has changed in these different locations.

We were recently in Costa Rica where I lived as a little girl with my parents, who planted a church in the city of San Jose. I took Rob to the old neighborhood and visited my favorite bakery, ate a mini-pizza and a tasty elephant ear pastry (still as yummy as I remembered). We walked around the corner to see the Kindergarten I had attended, and found the apartment next door where my family had lived. The guard at the complex was kind enough to let us in after I explained our journey down memory lane. It was just as I remembered… Apartment #2, tucked away in the back, the trestle stairway and the front lawn where I played. So many good, happy memories!

 A few things had obviously changed – there was a new wall bordering the property and most noticeably, a massive tree. The guard shared that the tree had been planted over 50 years ago (when I was about 5 years old). Rob and I were struck by its size and beauty and were reminded once again of how truly the seeds we plant to change our world now will produce a harvest beyond our wildest dreams. As Mark 4:20 so powerfully says, “But the seed sown on good soil represents those who open their hearts to receive the Word and their lives bear good fruit—some yield a harvest of thirty, sixty, even one hundred times more than was sown!” (TPT). It reminded me of one of my favorite sermons Rob preaches, entitled “Potted or Planted?”. He tells the story of one of the hardest seasons in our life and ministry and how critical it is to plant ourselves in God’s will for our lives. You can read this story and more in Rob’s new book written with John Maxwell. Available for pre-order now. 

As the guard saw us gazing up at my childhood tree, now fully grown, he said, “What amazes me is how soft it is.” And it was! The cushiony bark was almost pillowy to the touch. What a challenge – to remain soft as we mature. No matter how large or powerful, to maintain our beauty and tenderness, and to recognize that these two traits in a child of God are not mutually exclusive.

2020 has been such a challenging year for so many, but I just want to encourage you to continue to cultivate and water the seeds you have planted this past year and in years gone by – and to continue to plant new ones in 2021. Of course, not all may sprout roots and grow, but the picture of my childhood tree will always be a reminder to me of the potential that lies in every seed, that lasts the test of time and provides a gift of beauty and strength for all to see.


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5 thoughts on “The Potential of a Seed

  1. Great article, Kim. Aw the memories! We visited Panama City on a LOLI (Light of Life International) crusade three or four years ago; talk about radical change from when we were with you in the Canal Zone. Blessings; we stay in touch with your mom

    1. Remembering is a beautiful vehicle to renew memories. So happy you are remembering. I’m getting to know you through this memory lane!

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