All the Good News

all the good news

Reflecting on the close of 2018, this C. S. Lewis quote comes to mind, “There are far better things ahead, than anything we leave behind.” If you watch the news, follow social media, or plug into the Twitter-sphere you would think everything in our world was going to hell; that  bad news is everywhere. Even […]

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Collaboration: How To Boost Success In 2018

Collaboration: how to boost success in 2018

Increasingly as we’re seeing ministries work to overcome these barriers, many end up self-reflecting and returning to their original vision. This return to original vision kicks the door wide open for collaboration and understanding that we are better together than we are alone.

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Why You Can’t Afford To Pray Less

can’t afford pray less

I believe so fully in the power of prayer–I’ve seen too many miracles not to. This is why we value setting aside multiple work days per year dedicated to corporate, intercessory prayer.

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2016: The Year in Review

This was a challenging ministry year. And while there were whispers of God’s faithfulness sustaining us through each challenge; looking back His overwhelming providence is loud and clear.

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Bible App for Kids Unlocks New Demographic

Every year since its launch, we celebrate—alongside our partner YouVersion—the anniversary of the Bible App for Kids. And every year, we are amazed to see how many kids and their families the app has impacted. Since it first hit the App Store, God’s hand has clearly been on this app, growing its reach and scope […]

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