The cloud that taught me to listen

My friend Tessie shared a powerful testimony with our Board of Directors that’s so timely and filled with essential wisdom for every ministry, I had to share. The Cloud Nearly four years ago, a “cloud” appeared on my left eye. After many tests, and with no family history of the disease, I was diagnosed with […]

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Grandpa, Gaga and God

At Christmas, Kim and I were gifted with the knowledge that we are going to become grandparents! Our first worry was, what should we call ourselves? However, that question was soon replaced with a much deeper one. When the Scripture Kim read in her devotions the next morning was the same one the pastor preached […]

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The ‘Black Panther’ quote no one is talking about

The blockbuster Marvel superhero movie Black Panther is breaking all kinds of records. Rife with deeply thoughtful writing and powerfully inspiring quotes, my favorite record-breaker is that ‘Black Panther’ is now the most Tweeted about movie of all-time[1]. Yet, they need to be. Clearly this one strikes a nerve—one that is currently raw and exposed and […]

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The Changing face of education in the US and how it’s impacting the faith of children

The changing face of education

“Our kids learn within a system of education devised for a world that increasingly does not exist.”[1] Technology has permeated the education system with American public schools providing at least one computer for every five students and $3+ billion per year for digital content. [2] Tablets and smart boards don’t magically make pupils smarter unless teachers […]

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Billy Graham’s Incredible Legacy

This morning we got word that Rev. Billy Graham went to his heavenly home. One of the most godly men that has ever walked the earth. A man whose life was fully dedicated to Kingdom work.

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How screens are killing teens

teens and screens

Not only am I fascinated by trends, I believe they hold predictive indicators. When studied, these trends allow us foresight into coming areas of need and potential for ministry opportunities. I recently read a report with compelling evidence showing a strong correlation between increased amounts of screen time among teens and increases in depression and […]

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