Staying Thankful

Today’s post is from my beautiful wife and best friend, Kim D. Hoskins. 
Kim, I’m so thankful for you and our life together – Rob

Staying Thankful

Thanksgiving always serves as a reminder to pause and reflect on the goodness of the Lord. While 2020 has undoubtedly been filled with change, what Rob and I are learning this year is to Stay.  

Isaiah 45:18-20 [NLT] For the Lord is God,
    and He created the heavens and earth
    and put everything in place.
He made the world to be lived in,
    not to be a place of empty chaos.
“I am the Lord,” He says,
    “and there is no other.
I publicly proclaim bold promises.
    I do not whisper obscurities in some dark corner.
I would not have told the people of Israel to seek Me
    if I could not be found.
I, the Lord, speak only what is true
    and declare only what is right.”

As we go through the ups and downs of 2020, these verses remind us of the need to Stay.
Stay with what is true and what is right…
Stay with what we know…
Stay with what we care about… 

More importantly, stay with what—and who—we love: our family, our friends, and most of all with the Lord. For “There is no other” and “He is putting everything in place.”

I’m thankful the Lord is faithful in both, the good seasons and the challenging ones. Remember that the Lord always stays with you – He will never leave you or forsake you.

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