The LeBron James School of Leadership

I love my dad! He can turn anything into a sermon. Take a look at what Dad wrote in the comments section of a popular LeBron meme on my brother’s Facebook page. ~Rob


Basketball is a team sport. It requires a complete organization. LeBron James wants to be General Manager, coach and star player. He thinks he knows best in all areas. The reason he left Miami is that Pat Riley and Eric Spoelstra wouldn’t let him run the organization. A desperate Cleveland Cavaliers gave him all of that. He chose his team members and his coach.

When the coach tried to coach, LeBron pushed him out. Now he has a coach that doesn’t coach!

This is a lesson for any organization. Listen up pastors and church leaders and don’t fall into the same trap.

You may be the very best at what you do and you may be good at lots of other things but you can’t be the best at everything.

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