7 Macrotrends

7 global trends and their historical context that every church needs to understand to be effective in 2016.


Enjoy Rob Hoskins’ best thinking on missions, leadership, and reaching the next generation in his newest e-book.

In The Word

This rich weekly study guide teaches you to understand the Bible as a continuous story rather than a collection of random books

Holiness and Mission

Special devotional from Rob Hoskins for anyone desiring to have a heart for the Gospel.

Ministry Design in 5 simple steps

These 5 phases take any ministry initiative from Ideation to Implementation.

The Christian Response To The Sexual Abuse of Children

A Biblical perspective bringing light to a dark topic, with former child abuse chief prosecutor Boz Tchividjian

An honest conversation with Gen Z

Increasingly, the next generation is leaving the Church. Listening and engaging with Gen Z is our first step toward shepherding and cultivating its future.

Struck by Lightning

Scripture and prayers to pray over anyone experiencing a hard season of life

Today, our world is in need of wise, strong, principled, and empathetic leaders more than ever before.

Lead Today

Developed in partnership with John C Maxwell using Scripture to challenge teens to develop positive leadership qualities.

12 Key Traits of Successful Leaders

Leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, has identified 12 pivotal qualities essential for every believer.

There’s Hope For Today Daily Devotion

Free devotional full of hope, encouragement and strength to face the day delivered to your inbox DAILY!