• Why The Church Can’t Be Colorblind After Charlottesville
    August 13, 2017 Read More
    Category - Missiology
    Why The Church Can’t Be Colorblind After Charlottesville

    When tragedies happen and the topics of race and equality come up, people tend to say things like, “I don’t see differences. I see everyone as equal,” or, “I am color blind. The color of a person’s skin doesn’t matter to me.” While I understand the sentiment behind such statements – you don’t judge people based on their skin color – I feel this kind of thinking is causing more harm than good.

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  • 6 lessons I learned from #BigFoot
    August 8, 2017 Read More
    Category - In the News
    6 lessons I learned from #BigFoot

    I tore my Achilles playing tennis at the start of this year and had to have full reconstructive ankle surgery. While I can’t say I’d do it all over again, this injury has forced reflection on what I’ve learned during surgery and these last few months of recovery and rehab.

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  • What I learned from Phil Cooke
    August 3, 2017 Read More
    Category - In the News
    What I Learned from Phil Cooke

    Phil and I have worked together for many years on multiple joint projects around the globe. He’s one of my go-to media gurus and has helped us with storytelling and innovating how we communicate with different audiences and cultures.

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  • The Cheerios Moment
    July 25, 2017 Read More
    Category - Next Generation
    The Cheerios Moment

    With the impact of the Internet and rapid innovations in technology, these Cheerios moments are happening at younger ages–sometimes before a child is ready to digest the information the world is hurling at them.

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