Which should you spend more on—ministry design or website design?

There’s no question that the world around us is changing at breakneck speeds. Even as I type this and you read it, Twitter’s popularity probably dropped a few percentage points and a new scientific study elongating the life of someone with a terminal illness is being released.

At the same alarming rate that the world is changing, so are people, processes, and how the church must adapt to serve them in a relevant way.

We constantly have to monitor what is going on in the world and ask ourselves whether or not we are updating our ministry design to keep up with the changing times. The Church has had a reputation for being outdated; let’s prove it wrong!

The price tag for an online makeover ballparks for $10,000-$25,000, with the sky as the limit if you seek to serve and engage an online audience with additional features like podcasts and live streaming. It costs only a fraction of that amount to determine and design ministry initiatives, yet how many churches are more focused on updating their online presence rather than searching their hearts and strategizing how they will steward their investments into effective Kingdom efforts?

So how does a church or ministry even get to the point of determining whether or not they are “the one” that should be serving an online community rather than building schools and orphanages across the ocean? How do you figure out your unique DNA and architect a strategy to support it—especially in our ever-changing world?

We’ve been partnering with churches doing global missions and ministry endeavors for more than 27 years—with centuries of experience aggregated among our leadership team. The compounded wisdom experience and insight among our network of global leaders has afforded us an acute awareness and understanding of the ever-changing nature of ministry. Part of our unique DNA is that we share what we know in order to catalyze a movement among Kingdom-minded ministries and individuals to help spread the Good News.

As we have navigated the ever-changing world, we have taken what we have found to be highly successful and turned it into a practical workshop that will help any type of ministry work through designing relevant and effective ministry practices for the 21st century.

When you attend our workshop, not only do you get massive amounts of information dumped on you all at once, but we provide a personal mentor to walk you through individualizing what you learn and how to use the practical tips and tools we provide to put your unique parameters through a “grid” to help you craft contextualized ministry practices that will unlock your specific church/ministry calling and allow you the space to craft ministry initiatives that actually work.

If you aren’t seeing the results from your programs that you had hoped for during the “dream sessions” when you first created them, then it’s probably time to re-imagine them.

Would you feel like a small investment of time would be worth:

  • Finding clarity on who you are and what God has specifically called you to do for His Kingdom?
  • Creating a clear mission, vision and values statement that gets everyone on board and on the same page so you are working together in UNITY?
  • Having the freedom to confidently say “no” to the myriad requests brought before you because you are confident that you know what your unique calling and focus is?
  • Learning how to create programs that truly minister to the heartfelt needs of those in your sphere or care/community and how to track results that you can share with your donors?

We deeply desire that for you, too. We are busy doing important Kingdom work, but part of our DNA is that we are called to share with others what has been so freeing and effective for our ministry in designing programs that allow you to be effective in advancing the Kingdom—whether at home or abroad, in the sacred or in the secular arenas.

If you are ready to make a lasting investment that will revolutionize how you understand and do ministry in the 21st century, sign up for our upcoming workshop today!

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Rob Hoskins is the president of OneHope. Since taking leadership of OneHope in 2004, he has continued to advance the vision of God’s Word. Every Child. by partnering with local churches to help reach more than 2 BILLION children and youth worldwide with a contextualized presentation of God’s Word.

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