3 simple steps to go from “knowing” to “doing”

So often in ministry there is a gap between knowing and doing. We might know there are children struggling with hunger both in our own community and halfway across the globe. But we don’t know what we are supposed to do about it. These 3 D’s—Discover, Design, Do—will help you take the steps necessary to […]

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Macro Trend: Shedding light on the 4-14 window

Cute asian little girl closed her eyes and folded her hand in prayer on a Holy Bible for faith concept in vintage color tone

It’s becoming “normal” to see young children easily navigating high-tech, high-priced pieces of technology. In Africa, I saw more children with cell phones than with shoes. Children are ingesting information differently. Chalkboards are now “retro” and popular on craft sites instead of the learning tool I grew up with in the classroom. The world around us is changing rapidly. […]

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