Billy Graham’s Incredible Legacy

This morning we got word that Rev. Billy Graham went to his heavenly home. One of the most godly men that has ever walked the earth. A man whose life was fully dedicated to Kingdom work.

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Listen to the Mustn’ts if you want to hear the miracles

We believe. That God’s Word IS enough. So we plan to reach every child on the planet with a message of hope within two decades. It’s simple. Miraculous. It’s a step out of the boat. First one foot, then the other. Now walk… Keep your eyes on Me. ALL things are possible. But then we […]

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5 secrets to build a GREAT Missions Strategy

I speak with a first-time lead pastor almost every week. And one question that consistently comes up in those conversations is this: How do I develop an engaging missions program at the church? Many people who come into their new role as a lead pastor are hesitant to change too much about the way the […]

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Missions audit: 5 steps to evaluate the strength of your Strategic Vision

Missions Audit

At OneHope, we have set the audacious goal of reaching 4.2 billion children with God’s Word by the year 2030. To achieve this goal, we’ve had to architect a strategic plan and begin laying groundwork to catalyze a global church movement. Our blueprint will not only to help us attain this reach, but also allows […]

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7 Trends to Make You Missions Smart

Despite the ubiquity of the Internet, not everyone is a specialist. As a missions futurist, I often share what I know about global macro trends in order to help churches and organizations be smart and prepared now for what ministry is going to look like a year, five, or even a decade in the future. […]

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A new missions mindset

Rural village with one person walking in distance next to a red and blue fence between houses at sunset Lalibela Ethiopia Horn of Africa

It’s been more than 2000 years since Jesus challenged us with the Great Commission, to “go into ALL the world”. You would think that in that vast amount of time, all people groups might have been reached. Sadly, research indicates that there are still approximately 1/3 of the world’s languages that have no Scripture at […]

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