3 simple steps to go from “knowing” to “doing”

So often in ministry there is a gap between knowing and doing. We might know there are children struggling with hunger both in our own community and halfway across the globe. But we don’t know what we are supposed to do about it. These 3 D’s—Discover, Design, Do—will help you take the steps necessary to […]

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The ‘Delinquency Fulfilling Prophecy’

Imagine how your son or daughter would feel if you were in prison. Abandoned. Ashamed. Alone. Sadly, this is the reality for 2.7 million children and youth in America today. The brokenness and pain of having an incarcerated parent often begins a dangerous cycle of poor decision-making — ultimately leading to incarceration of the child […]

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6 Steps to prevent the next generation from spiritual extinction

To young men

Did you know that Swaziland is predicted to be the first nation to become extinct because of HIV/AIDS? If this kingdom does not take drastic measures to regain their nation’s health, an entire population is at risk of simply disappearing off the planet. The same prognostication could be true for the future of the kingdom […]

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