Preparing for the Future, Now: Who are We? Part 3

Preparing for the Future, Now: Who are We? Part 3

Culture is our ‘secret sauce’
It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes attributed to Peter Drucker, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

OneHope team members live all around the world. If we have a strong and healthy culture, it shouldn’t matter if you’re meeting a OneHope team member in Taiwan, South Africa, our global headquarters in Florida, or anywhere in between – we should all have distinct organizational, cultural traits that tie us together, serving to unify us as we advance into the future. Thankfully, we’re able to use technology to increase proximity too. Culture isn’t stagnant; it’s always shifting. Healthy cultures take tremendous time and intentionality. 

Is the culture at your organization changing in a direction that is strengthening or hindering future growth? 

As we wrap up the three traits of future-ready companies in the ‘Who are we?’ section that McKinsey and Company presented, next we’re diving into a new category– ‘How do we operate?’. You won’t want to miss it. 

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Rob Hoskins is the President of OneHope. Since taking leadership of OneHope in 2004 he has continued to advance the vision of God’s Word. Every Child. by partnering with local churches to help reach more than 1.7 BILLION children and youth worldwide with a contextualized presentation of God’s Word.

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