4 Pro-tips for online meetings that POP!

4 Pro-tips for online meetings that POP!

Online meetings were novel at first, but now we are all starting to feel the fatigue. Knowing that remote meetings are likely, in some form or other, to be a normal part of our working lives, here are four ways to keep your audience (and yourself) enthused and engaged during online meetings. 

Win your Welcome. Not meeting in a physical space means you no longer have a captive audience. Since you are being invited into your audience’s online space, now more than ever, you have to earn the right to get and keep their attention.

Project your Passion. Screen energy requires more energy than in-person interactions. You’ll need to communicate your points succinctly and deliver them with conviction. 

Display your delight. We are all missing the workplace banter and relationship-building that used to happen in the hallways. Keep the tone light and happy by incorporating ice-breaker questions or fun moments into the call—everyone needs a laugh these days.

Nail your landing. Deliver a strong ending. Come to the meeting with a clear and compelling conclusion prepared. An elevator pitch that repeats the main points is a great way to tie a bow on the meeting and ensure that everyone leaves on the same page.

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