Preparing for the Future, Now: How Do We Grow? Part 1

Preparing for the Future, Now: How Do We Grow? Part 1

We embrace ecosystems
I’ve been reflecting on an article published by McKinsey & Company, The Nine Traits of Future-ready Companies. It’s serving as a road marker for me as I think about OneHope and where we are in our journey. This has looked like wrestling with questions including, what do we need to build and improve on today to prepare us for a better tomorrow? What specific traits do we need to intentionally prioritize for a season to strengthen them? I invite you to consider your own experience as we explore these traits together. 

As we’re thinking about the future, this is one of the most obvious questions: how do we grow? Let’s explore McKinsey and Company’s traits for future-ready companies in this category. 

How do we grow?
– We embrace ecosystems
– Data is everyone’s business
– We accelerate learning

We embrace ecosystems 
I wholeheartedly agree this is a pivotal trait of future-ready companies. At OneHope, we invite others to walk alongside us as we work to share God’s Word with every child. We work with thousands of churches and partners around the world to share Scripture with the next generation. We’re not just fostering the distribution of resources for today, we’re coming alongside others, building connections and sustainable ministry practices in order for even more children to receive the Good News in the future. We simply can’t do this alone. In our network, our ecosystem, we’re encouraging others to bring their strengths so we can call partners together toward a common pursuit. 

Reflect: Who can you invite into your ecosystem this year? What strengths do they have that you lack? 

We have just two more traits on which to reflect. Who is a coworker or leader that would benefit from this future-ready series? Click the email button below and pass it on! 

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Rob Hoskins is the President of OneHope. Since taking leadership of OneHope in 2004 he has continued to advance the vision of God’s Word. Every Child. by partnering with local churches to help reach more than 1.7 BILLION children and youth worldwide with a contextualized presentation of God’s Word.

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