Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today my dad celebrates his 85th birthday…and 78 years in public ministry! When most people his age are well into the rhythms of retirement, my dad continues to pursue his passion to move forward the mission of God’s Word. Every Child. He remains an active part of the ministry through visionary direction, fervent prayers, and caring for the OneHope team. His international travel schedule to visit our global partners is typically booked well in advance–he’s gone through more passport pages than anyone I know! 

People often come up to my dad and implore, ‘You seem successful at everything you do! How does that happen?’ 

That’s his answer.

Over the years, I’ve learned many valuable lessons from my dad. As we celebrate him today, I’ll leave you with one piece of wisdom he’s offered me. 

There are many programs and plans that have been left on the cutting room floor. Not every project is good. Some completely flop. My dad explains that there are moments when you’ve done all you can to try a new venture…you’ve invested, given your best, and it still doesn’t work. At some point, you need to turn it loose. Admit you’ve made a mistake, or the timing is off. Those instances are valuable learning moments. You’re armed with more knowledge and experience, and it could spark an idea that grows into something great. 

Whether your current project is a home run or strikeout…persist toward your vision!

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Rob Hoskins is the president of OneHope. Since taking leadership of OneHope in 2004, he has continued to advance the vision of God’s Word. Every Child. by partnering with local churches to help reach more than 1.8 BILLION children and youth worldwide with a contextualized presentation of God’s Word.

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  1. Do the work my dear friend. This is your time and mine. No body will do it for us.
    God is looking at us for this great job.

  2. Blessings to all the Hoskins; especially to Bob, and Rob, and Kim, and … you get the picture? Love from Vic & Janie Bartlow

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