5 D’s for Design

5 D’s for Design

Steve Jobs said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

These 5 D’s are the critical elements in the cyclical process we use to design and re-design our workflow and products.

Rob Hoskins

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Rob Hoskins is the President of OneHope. Since taking leadership of OneHope in 2004 he has continued to advance the vision of God’s Word. Every Child. by partnering with local churches to help reach more than 1.7 BILLION children and youth worldwide with a contextualized presentation of God’s Word.

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  1. I was just writing a letter to you, to see if you have any programs going in the United States. I live about 30 miles south of Indianapolis, and there is such violence in the area. I read your booklet The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Next Generations. I have been praying for an answer, and this seem to be it. Please let me know if this program could be made available in Indy. God is the only answer and healing the minds of the youth is the only way.

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