5 Critical Objectives for Flat Leadership

5 Critical Objectives for Flat Leadership

1. Vision
The communication of vision is the primary responsibility of the Chief Executive. The flat leader lives in the future and can transparently and consistently articulate the vision of success so that every team member and stakeholder has clarity about the organization’s Mission, Values, and DNA. 

2. Strategy
Leading the development, adoption, and continuous improvement of an adaptive plan allows everyone to know what, how, and where they spend their time, talent, and energy. A good strategy is centered around goals and performance indicators that let each person know how to measure their personal outcomes as well as how it contributes to the organization’s success.

3. Organization
With how quickly things change, we must continually ensure that our enterprise has the proper structure, systems, and skills to primarily serve its people’s needs, which in turn serves the needs of the organization.

4. Collaboration
It takes time to search outside the organization to find, vet, and build meaningful relationships with essential partners to help the mission and vision of the organization flourish. These pivotal partnerships aid in building effective platforms and networks to support and benefit the markets and fields that are critical for mission fulfillment.

5. Innovation
Innovating means understanding what the market is going to need and being first in that space with new ideas, fresh programs, and original products. Half of innovation involves insulating the enterprise’s core business, as much as possible, until adoption has a high probability of success.

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