4 Tools for Change

4 Tools for Change

It’s easy to be deceived into thinking that success comes from larger-than-life events, name recognition, or endless resources. These can be catalysts, but are not key ingredients for change. Instead, turn your focus to 4 simple, yet effective tools for change: passion, dedication, action and celebration.

Passion – If you have a desire to make a change in the world around you, you probably already have a thing or two you are passionate about. Passion alone won’t make transformation happen, but it can be harnessed to point you in the right direction. 

Dedication – The easiest to lose and the hardest to find, dedication is required for progress of any kind to be made. When those around you give up, you can choose to either leave with them, or dig in even deeper. Root yourself in your vision and dedicate yourself to making steps forward. 

Action – Often-overlooked or over-thought, action is how true progress is made. In life, there are many things that just happen, but positive change isn’t one of them. As a leader, your action-oriented efforts will be a catalyst for change.

Celebration – What gets celebrated gets replicated. A change movement is fueled by the momentum of small wins, goals achieved, and results accomplished. These outcomes need to be fully communicated to your team to provide the encouragement that we all need to be reminded that change is possible for anyone, anywhere.

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Rob Hoskins is the president of OneHope. Since taking leadership of OneHope in 2004, he has continued to advance the vision of God’s Word. Every Child. by partnering with local churches to help reach more than 1.8 BILLION children and youth worldwide with a contextualized presentation of God’s Word.

3 thoughts on “4 Tools for Change

  1. Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. However Paul declared
    in Rom.10:15,”How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” If we
    profess that we love God and our fellow men, we must prove it by our deeds.
    Divine love has a blanketing inclusive quality affecting our relationship
    with God and others. Love of God is glowing active and good will with
    creative power. , However Jesus commanded us to love one another with His
    Spirit filling our hearts and ruling our lives. John in 1 John 4:20 says” it is
    the test of religion”
    love as related to our fellow men. It is not an irksome obligation but a
    sublime privilege, a sharing, a participation in the plan and purpose of God.
    Obeying the call of duty, may be a noble endeavor but it entails in service
    for others, which is the highest form of stewardship. Stewardship is
    representing God by serving as His emissaries among men. Dr.Livingstone said,”
    that he considered nothing that he owned of any value except in relationship
    with God” What we hoard in money, talents and love we lose, But it is only
    the selfishness me that God can Use.
    Love of God is without limits, it reaches to the most unlovely, It knows no
    barriers of race,colour,class or intellectual levels. It plumbs the lowest
    depths and soars to the highest pinnacle. It spans oceans and continents
    yearning, praying, working and giving for the salvation of millions. Without
    God in far-away lands, whom we shall never see again. It leaves a radiant
    smile, a friendly word, a kind admonition to the hundreds we meet in casual
    encounter, many of whom we shall never see again.
    Divine love is not an abstract theory; it rises higher than beautiful
    sentiment, it also surpasses philosophical ideals. It is a dynamic healing
    outreach, an irresistible concern, a compulsion to participate in the woes of
    humanity in order to alleviate some of it’s suffering.
    Love is an irrepressible urge to share one’s spiritual blessings with
    Are we ready like Paul to go out with Weeping, Sowing the Seeds So that we
    may Come back rejoicing, bringing our Sheaves with us to deposit at the feet
    of Christ?? We are living on a borrowed time,
    I Am Debtors that was Paul’s declaration!! It drummed in his heart, It
    throbbed his mind! It burned in his soul! It was his meat by day and his
    travail by night ! by that he lived ! by that he was sustained !
    for that he preached ! for that he toiled ! for that he suffered !for that,
    when in God’s wisdom, the time came, he died ! he was a debtor ! so are we
    !!.We are debtors to Christ Beloved of all the mighty, munificent blessings
    Christ has showered down upon us throughout the days of our lives. It will
    take this day and tomorrow And the next, even a life time of every one of us
    to tell the sum of all.
    The benedictions that have been poured out upon us in all the days of our
    beings. But most of all in death on the cruel cross of Calvary , Christ
    provided our Salvation. He built a bridge across hell,
    paved a way into heaven, provided a mansion in glory.
    Surely our blood must Run faster, our hearts beat harder, our eyes fill with
    tears of gratitude at the measure of his love and sacrifice for us. We are
    debtors to a lost world all around us, on every hand, in every place, in
    every life
    We are ready to live as Christ lived, to live as Christ would live is Our
    shoes, In our homes, in our circumstances, in our activities, Regardless of
    what others say, Regardless of what others may ask us to do, Regardless of
    any pleasure, Regardless of any problems, Regardless of any proposals, we
    are to leave Christ life, it may Cost us ease, pleasure, health,
    embarrassments our very lives, But as Christ was ready to die For us on
    Cross, we are
    ready to live a crucified life for him. Ready to live the New testament
    Life. It will win
    more, last longer, will also glorify and advance the kingdom farther.
    Christianity is a heroic religion calling out, challenging, constraining with
    an imperial Compulsion. The very best in us the loftiest, the holiest,
    honorable, the courageous, to live Devout, undefined, sacrificial Christian
    lives, day by day, day after day, and this ought to be written. with letters
    of Fire Across our Hearts, in our minds and our souls, our lives It also
    ought to be our prayers, by day, our dream by night.
    Special prayers for what you are going
    Yours In the fellowship of His Love.
    Rev Martin Njenjere

    PO BOX 1116 -60200


  2. Thank you very much for this information, Sir. I believe these 4 keys are very vital and paramount for continuous success and change.
    By the grace of God, we will endeavor to make use of these 4 keys. The Holy Spirit is our helper, Sir. The Lord be with us all. Shalom!!

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