Millennials speak for themselves: on faith

Millennials, part 1 Millennials on the Bible and Miracles Let’s face it, sometimes Millennials get a bad rap. But the numbers don’t always support the perception. For instance, among religiously-affiliated Millennials, their loyalty to an institution, organization or affiliation is as strong today as it has been among previous generations. More than one-third of religiously […]

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What Millennials really think about the Bible

back to Millennials, part 1 Barna recently released their fascinating insights from one of the largest studies they have ever done on a single generation: Millennials. The study surveys Millenials on their view of the Bible, and results show that practicing Christians in this age range hold the Bible in very high regard: *Information in […]

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Millennials and the church

Google “millennials” and more than 9 million results immediately appear. They’re a hot topic, being scrutinized from every angle. Why? Because the hope of the world hangs on their shoulders. But do you really understand this immensely portended generation? “There’s lots of chatter about what Millennials like and don’t like, why they are and aren’t coming to church. […]

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3 steps to build a strong missions program

You’ve done the hard work of getting down on paper your Purpose and asset mapped and begun to brainstorm the People you need to collaborate and partner with. Now it’s time to vision cast and Popularize the message to your body. The American Church has historically gotten people excited about missions first, then figured out […]

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Outcome Based Ministry Origins


A few years ago, while on a trip to Swaziland, I was struck by what I heard and saw. It was a catalyzing moment for OneHope—it was the spark that ignited us to become an Outcome Based Ministry.   A Shocking Realization While visiting the “Christian” nation of Swaziland, I worked with, met and talked with […]

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Optimism: bringing HOPE for the future


If you’ve listened to pop radio recently, I hope you’ve heard the hit song “Pompeii” by Bastille. The band, never suspecting the song would become such a hit, revealed that the song is a quiet, conversational reflection on the destructive eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, which wreaked on an unsuspecting society as they went about their daily lives. Probably […]

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