6 Ways Leaders Can Remain Relevant

In a recent podcast, virtual mentor Michael Hyatt revealed that as he became increasingly successful, he discovered more and more layers isolating and detaching him from the people he was trying to help. This is a scary reality that no effective leader wants to discover in his or her life. How can leaders keep the […]

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Old Story New

I am constantly amazed at how cyclical what’s old becomes new again. Especially how sharing God’s story of redemption during the holidays has been reinvented throughout the ages. In 1847, a French parish priest asked local wine merchant Placide Cappeau to pen a poem for Christmas mass. Famous for his artistry with words, Placide was […]

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Museum of the Bible

Museum of the Bible English Translations

Do you know where the Bible came from? Well, of course everyone’s conditioned to give the “right” answer—“God”. But do you really understand the rich history and importance of the hands this sacred text has passed through, the civilizations and people groups it has influenced, and how it has shaped history while surviving intact through […]

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