Reaching 2 Billion Children and Youth with God’s Word

On February 28, 2023, OneHope reached our 2 billionth child with God’s Word since 1987. This was such a beautiful and moving moment for us, especially for me, as I watched my dad be present as the 2 billionth child was handed a Book of Hope in El Salvador, where he distributed the very first […]

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9 Principles for Biblical Leadership

I’m grateful to be working alongside incredible leaders like José  Bernardo who is a Vice-President at OneHope overseeing all of our Lusophone countries. He is one of the greatest organizational leaders and strategic thinkers I have ever met. Of course, he shares our passion and vision to engage the next generation with God’s Word. This […]

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Do You Dare Ask for More?

Do you dare ask for More?

If people understood the theological implication of sacrifice that this request for “more” requires of them, they might not ask for it so casually.

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Can What You Don’t Know Hurt Your Ministry?

Can what you don’t know hurt your ministry? Do you think they wish they had known they were giving Bibles to illiterates before they raised the money for them? Is the pastorless village where a church did a “drop and run” of Gospel literature still wishing there was someone who could answer their questions about […]

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Dare to dream big for Global Church expansion

Railroad Tracks

God’s Word. Every Child. Four small words made up of less than twenty letters, yet one behemoth undertaking. Impossible dream When I tried to put down on paper a plan that would take this to mission fulfillment, it was practically inconceivable. Like when you were a child and tried to think about heaven and imagine […]

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