City: The world’s most challenging mission field

city mission feild

Your world is becoming increasingly urban. The increasing trend toward urbanization is both a national and a global phenomenon. According to the Population Reference Bureau, in 1900 only 14% of the world’s population lived in urban areas. By 1950, this number grew to 30%. In 2011, we reached the tipping point when the world became […]

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Top 10 youth dense countries we work in

Sometimes our mission of “God’s Word, Every Child” prompts the question, “why children?”  The tone varies from honest curiosity to judgmental condemnation. On a pragmatic level, we know youth are often the easiest audience to accept the Truth. We also know that children who accept this Truth go on to lead more spiritually vibrant lives later in […]

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Know thy City: 4 steps toward effective urban ministry

You’re the God of this City You’re the King of these people You’re the Lord of this nation You are You’re the Light in this darkness You’re the Hope to the hopeless You’re the Peace to the restless You are There is no one like our God For greater things have yet to come And […]

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