The Bible: gaining popularity or losing ground?

As a ministry whose heartbeat is to share GOD’S WORD with every child, we sit up and take notice when we see the Bible showing up more often in mainstream media. The Bible mini series on TV turned into a movie called Son of God National attention on the case for religious freedom in Sebelius […]

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Research before you launch

Meeting of young business people in a modern office - Start up company, workers brainstorming

After my epiphany about Outcomes Based Ministry in Swaziland, we launched a giant research effort in order to better understand the heartfelt needs of the next generation we are attempting to reach. We use the findings of this research to help us design Scripture products and programs tailored to speak to the relevant needs of […]

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Ministry Transforming: Outcome-based Design

Ministry Transforming: Outcome-based design

In our rapidly changing world, only the most cutting edge products and services can compete. The same is true for the modern-day Church and its approach to missions. One exciting innovation that has been highly successful in helping advance the gospel is called Outcome Based Ministry (OBM). Having seen firsthand how current evangelization methods are […]

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