5 secrets to build a GREAT Missions Strategy

I speak with a first-time lead pastor almost every week. And one question that consistently comes up in those conversations is this: How do I develop an engaging missions program at the church? Many people who come into their new role as a lead pastor are hesitant to change too much about the way the […]

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And she sat there…and wrote a book!

In honor of my dad’s 70th year of ministry, my always on-the-go mom sat down just long enough to jot down a few memoirs of her missionary life called, …And I Sat There. Mom and Dad raised us on the mission field. And as you can see from this picture of our time in Beirut, […]

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Reaching the cause-oriented generation

Donation box with clothes, living essentials

It used to happen mainly around the holidays or tragedies, but with the ubiquity of information and access we are constantly bombarded with “please give” to a plethora of causes that need our support. Right now! Or else! We are on the verge of becoming emotional, willy-nilly, cause-oriented givers rather than solid, steady contributors to […]

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