How to THRIVE not just SURVIVE in increasing complexity

Technology, pluralism, a global economy, and increasing heterogeneity are just a few factors making our world more complex. And since change is inevitable, being able to thrive in this chaos is critical. Tom Peters, author of Thriving on Chaos: Handbook for a Management Revolution, proposes that organizations who want to survive in rapidly changing times […]

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Spiritually vibrant teens more likely to “stand strong” against negative influences

Often in the non-profit ministry world, we are challenged on how we approach life transformation. Skeptics question whether God’s Word can really be enough to affect people’s destinies. Critics scoff and say we need to do more than proclaim God’s Word to impact young people. There are hundreds of organizations that believe social justice and […]

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Child Mortality — I can’t unsee this

Child Mortality

Remember the benches touting the axiom, “See! You just proved bench advertising works”? Whenever I read one of those pesky bench ads, it irritated me that I couldn’t unread those words and that I had been tricked into falling prey to the advertiser’s “clever” marketing scheme. Just the other day I had a similar experience […]

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