5 Things I’ve learned from David Green

There are things you only learn through association with others. I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by incredible people who are constantly teaching me things I’d never get to experience otherwise. One of these people is David Green, founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby.

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Money and marketing for nonprofits

I recently listened to a speaker, who briefly mentioned that he has been doing missions work in Albania and Mexico for the past few years. After his presentation, I approached him to ask what organization he did his missions work through. I’ll never forget his response, “I do them through myself rather than an organization […]

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Reaching the cause-oriented generation

Donation box with clothes, living essentials

It used to happen mainly around the holidays or tragedies, but with the ubiquity of information and access we are constantly bombarded with “please give” to a plethora of causes that need our support. Right now! Or else! We are on the verge of becoming emotional, willy-nilly, cause-oriented givers rather than solid, steady contributors to […]

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