The future of fundraising: a lesson from Kickstarter

A co-worker asked me to explain the secret behind the success of Kickstarter using only two words. I came up with“ideational giving,” which I immediately began processing through the lens of missions and the global Church giving patterns. The missionary with a vision I recently read about the Yoars family that felt called to leave at the […]

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When a pastor falls due to moral failure

I first met Bob Coy 25 years ago on my summer break from seminary. He was a guest on my dad’s TV talk show, “FeedBack,” conversing on the subject of evangelism. This young, fiery, hilarious transplant from Las Vegas made quite an impression and practically stole the show. He stood out on the panel of […]

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Reaching the cause-oriented generation

Donation box with clothes, living essentials

It used to happen mainly around the holidays or tragedies, but with the ubiquity of information and access we are constantly bombarded with “please give” to a plethora of causes that need our support. Right now! Or else! We are on the verge of becoming emotional, willy-nilly, cause-oriented givers rather than solid, steady contributors to […]

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