Sahel: Planting Seeds in the Desert

The Sahel region of Africa is a more than just a hotbed of conflict that frequently makes headlines. The belt stretching from east to west graphically slices the continent in half more than just topographically. One of the poorest places on earth, the Sahel represents a desperate conflux of disparate religions and cultures: Muslims, Christians, […]

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Spiritually Homeless Youth

Spiritually Homeless Teen

In his book You Lost Me, David Kinnaman—president of the Barna Group—divides once church-going Millennials into three types of spiritual journeyers: “nomads,” “prodigals” and “exiles.” Despite church homes stalwartly flashing the “welcome” sign, many youth are exiting the building to strap on backpacks and opt for a mobile life, leaving them spiritually homeless. The next generation […]

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