How screens are killing teens

teens and screens

Not only am I fascinated by trends, I believe they hold predictive indicators. When studied, these trends allow us foresight into coming areas of need and potential for ministry opportunities. I recently read a report with compelling evidence showing a strong correlation between increased amounts of screen time among teens and increases in depression and […]

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Do You Dare Ask for More?

Do you dare ask for More?

If people understood the theological implication of sacrifice that this request for “more” requires of them, they might not ask for it so casually.

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The ‘Delinquency Fulfilling Prophecy’

Imagine how your son or daughter would feel if you were in prison. Abandoned. Ashamed. Alone. Sadly, this is the reality for 2.7 million children and youth in America today. The brokenness and pain of having an incarcerated parent often begins a dangerous cycle of poor decision-making — ultimately leading to incarceration of the child […]

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