The Danger of Fruitless Ministry : a response to “The Danger of ‘Measurable Outcomes'” by Os Guinness

I was surprised to read The Danger of “Measurable Outcomes”, an excerpt from the upcoming book Renaissance: The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times by Dr. Os Guinness. As one of the foremost apologists for the Evangelical church in the West, Dr. Guinness’s writings are both highly respected and influential. This excerpt was a word […]

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5 steps to more effective children’s ministry

This sobering article, Has the sun set on Sunday school?, ran in USA Today highlighting staggering declines in attendance. Sunday School is an old concept that has, unfortunately, not evolved much since the 18th century as chronicled in “Who Likes Sunday School?” Sure, we now have colorful environments, flat screen TV’s, and current music, but we are still using an outdated paradigm. If […]

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Outcome Based Ministry Origins


A few years ago, while on a trip to Swaziland, I was struck by what I heard and saw. It was a catalyzing moment for OneHope—it was the spark that ignited us to become an Outcome Based Ministry. A Shocking Realization While visiting the “Christian” nation of Swaziland, I worked with, met and talked with […]

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3 Steps to Build a Strong Missions Program

Now that you have identified your purpose it’s time to be proactive about partnering with the right people. Being proactive allows you to: Choose “best in class” ministries/people to work with Choose partners with similar core values and beliefs Establish measurable outcomes together Proactivity in establishing your strategy and planning your partnerships also prevents reactivity. Quite […]

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Research before you launch

Meeting of young business people in a modern office - Start up company, workers brainstorming

After my epiphany about Outcomes Based Ministry in Swaziland, we launched a giant research effort in order to better understand the heartfelt needs of the next generation we are attempting to reach. We use the findings of this research to help us design Scripture products and programs tailored to speak to the relevant needs of […]

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