5 Tips to Boost Your Devotions During Covid-19

Joel has a powerful testimony of battling lifelong physical ailments. With the time God has given him far beyond what the doctors predicted he would live, he preaches, teaches and writes passionately about Scripture engagement, he even calls himself a “Bible reading junkie”. I know this is a timely word from Joel for all of […]

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What Will Covid-19 Change?

  I’m being asked one question more than any other right now: What will be different after this is over?  The easiest answer is to try and guess some changes in behavior and activity. We will do more remote work. We will have more virtual meetings. We will start using more digital based products and […]

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Leading through change

leading through the change

Once your organization has been “steady” or has experienced growth and momentum in any area, it’s time to mature and grow into the next iteration of becoming who God wants you to be.  It’s the job of the leaders to work together to co-create the next evolution of the organization’s culture. Bob Goff asks himself, […]

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