Does God speak to Children?

I heard the most awesome story recently. You can read it in detail here from my friends Peter Haas and Carolyn Haas. At age 10, their daughter prayed, “God would you reveal yourself to me and speak to me about our church’s facilities?” God gave her a specific vision of a building that Substance Church, Minnesota […]

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It’s been a year …

At our staff day of prayer, I was reminded that I am so deeply grateful for God’s overwhelming goodness in every situation.

This year was a roller coaster—mom’s home going, giving away my daughter Natasha in marriage and gaining a son. Unspeakable stories of persecution from the field juxtaposed with rejoicing over more than 100 million kids reached with God’s Word. I can hardly believe all that’s happened in the span of a year!

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Digital boosts spread of the Bible

Technology is a game changer. It has enabled many to make Scripture available in digital formats or extend their reach with a few clicks or swipes. Because of it, we have been able to reach people with God’s Word in ways and places we never before deemed possible. We have seen digital tools like Incredible […]

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5 steps to more effective children’s ministry

This sobering article, Has the sun set on Sunday school?, ran in USA Today highlighting staggering declines in attendance. Sunday School is an old concept that has, unfortunately, not evolved much since the 18th century as chronicled in “Who Likes Sunday School?” Sure, we now have colorful environments, flat screen TV’s, and current music, but we are still using an outdated paradigm. If […]

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Brazil “kicks off” the Gospel with the World Cup

World Cup Brasil

Leading up to the 2010 World Cup games, we were surprised when local leaders in Brazil said “no” to organizing World Cup games-focused outreaches, even after it was announced that the 2014 World Cup would be hosted by Brazil! Instead, they began mapping out a strategic ministry plan to put into play not only leading […]

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A courageous paradigm shift

Children’s Ministry 2.0 Part 2 Read Part 1: “Who Likes Sunday School” Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. ~C.S. Lewis It takes an act of courage to change or try something new. Believing we were called to help the church figure out an […]

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