Ferguson on Fire

I’m reluctant to speak to an issue as raw and sensitive as the events that have unfolded in Ferguson. It’s an open sore, but not a flesh wound. Just because the surface will scab over and be all but forgotten like so many events before, does not mean that the body is healed.  It is […]

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The ‘Delinquency Fulfilling Prophecy’

Imagine how your son or daughter would feel if you were in prison. Abandoned. Ashamed. Alone. Sadly, this is the reality for 2.7 million children and youth in America today. The brokenness and pain of having an incarcerated parent often begins a dangerous cycle of poor decision-making — ultimately leading to incarceration of the child […]

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Egyptian Uprising Offers New Day for Church

View of the Mosques of Sultan Hassan and Al-Rifai in Cairo - Egypt

The Arab Spring quickly became the winter of discontent for most of the Middle East as Arab strongmen were toppled and in many cases replaced by fundamentalists.  Nowhere has this been more true than in Egypt, where just this week, the military that had controlled the nation for decades under Sadat and Mubarak, retook power […]

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