Macro Trend: The Emerging Middle Class

Most Americans would consider themselves “middle class”. But in many other countries, that status is in the minority—people are literally either rich or poor, with not very many in the “middle”. Prosperity is rapidly expanding the middle class around the world and we are just beginning to understand the social impact this rapid swelling will […]

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Schools: old-but-new-again concept

Never has the need or desire for education been stronger than it is at this moment in history. Since education has historically proven to be an effective on-ramp for establishing Christianity in society and culture, an old-but-new potential for effective missions has just re-appeared to the Church. Missional schools. Knowledge-based jobs will soon eclipse labor-based […]

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Egyptian Uprising Offers New Day for Church

View of the Mosques of Sultan Hassan and Al-Rifai in Cairo - Egypt

The Arab Spring quickly became the winter of discontent for most of the Middle East as Arab strongmen were toppled and in many cases replaced by fundamentalists.  Nowhere has this been more true than in Egypt, where just this week, the military that had controlled the nation for decades under Sadat and Mubarak, retook power […]

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