Family is “Irreplaceable”–national encore May 15 for Family Day!

Movie Theater

Last night’s premiere of Focus’ first movie, “Irreplaceable,” was a success in every way possible thanks to God’s grace and your support. In fact, due to the overwhelming response and the fact that many were turned away last night, we have decided to schedule a national encore performance for Thursday, May 15. You can check […]

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God’s Not Dead

God's Not Dead

My good friend, Rice Broocks penned God’s Not Dead: Evidence of God in an age of Uncertainty after he personally encountered an extraordinary number of people wrestling through their doubts and disbelief in God. Most—like his own atheist older brother who desired to talk him out of his faith in Christ—ended up realizing that there […]

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Oscars reveal the faith of Matthew McConaughey

Awards ceremonies give us a glimpse into the ever-changing world of pop culture. Not only do we get to see the winners react, but it is always entertaining to compare established icons and new voices share a moment that may encapsulate a lifetime of effort or be their 15 minutes of fame. Acceptance speeches are […]

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