Why It’s Critical to Increase Cultural IQ

I used to think you were either born with it or you weren’t. Now, I’m starting to see that whatever level you start at, everyone can–and should–increase their Cultural IQ.

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The Christian response: mercy and truth

I was sitting at Mom’s bedside in the hospital as the news of Tullian Tchividjian’s resignation began to hit the news. Heartbroken, I was trying to find the words to make sense of everything when I stumbled upon a piece from mom’s old writings. I’m so thankful for this classic parcel of wisdom she penned years […]

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6 Steps to prevent the next generation from spiritual extinction

To young men

Did you know that Swaziland is predicted to be the first nation to become extinct because of HIV/AIDS? If this kingdom does not take drastic measures to regain their nation’s health, an entire population is at risk of simply disappearing off the planet. The same prognostication could be true for the future of the kingdom […]

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