i Do.

Words and their interpretations are incredibly important to those in the law profession. So imagine my struggle to carefully compose a wedding ceremony for two lawyers! Thank God for giving me just the right word, and only two were needed!  I DO. I was performing the wedding ceremony for two lawyers and joked, “When attorneys […]

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Prayer and Leadership

Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas last week, and then set its sights on Florida and the OneHope office. The region of the Sunshine State I live in weathered moderate winds and rain, but Dorian caused considerable damage in other places along the East Coast. In the few days leading up to the impending storm, I […]

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Higher education and its role in higher calling

The underhandedness has been going on for ages. However, the world sat up and took notice when the Justice Department released details of the largest college admissions scandal ever prosecuted in U.S. history. More than 30 wealthy parents have been accused of using bribery and fraud to gain admission for their children to elite, big-name […]

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Bringing Clarity to 21st Century Missions

bringing clarity to the 21st century

“When everything is mission, nothing is mission.” This Stephen Neill quote elicited a positive wave of wows, yesses, and amens from a ballroom full of ministry partners as I delivered our State of the Ministry address. It resonated with the room full of partners, pastors, missionaries, staff and friends because we can all see that […]

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10 things Church leaders need to know about Gen Z

Quiz! 1. Gen Z is currently made up of: a. Newborn to 18 year olds b. age 4 to college c. age 10-25 2. Generation Z describes themselves as: a. Hardworking, motivated, optimistic b. Busy, focused, and a little pessimistic c. Tech-addicted, unique, and hopeful 3. True or false? Gen Z is the least religious […]

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