Collaboration: How To Boost Success In 2018

Collaboration: how to boost success in 2018

Increasingly as we’re seeing ministries work to overcome these barriers, many end up self-reflecting and returning to their original vision. This return to original vision kicks the door wide open for collaboration and understanding that we are better together than we are alone.

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Is ‘Christian President’ an Oxymoron?

Is it possible or worth it for Christians to be involved in politics when systems are corrupt and broken? If you’re like most Americans you probably haven’t been following the elections in the country of Malawi. Conversely I’ve been glued to my iPad waiting for the results and witnessed the drama that has unfolded over […]

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The power of peer evangelism for kids

Research[1] credits “word of mouth” as being capable of generating double the sales of paid advertising. Virgin Mobile—a cellular service catering to the youth market—employs this “create the buzz” strategy, claiming, “This generation, more so than previous ones, gets lots and lots of their brand preferences through peers… We need our customers to be our […]

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