Why Ghana

There’s an impending leadership crisis unless the Global Church figures out how to better engage youth in a postmodern context. I don’t need to re-paint the picture; there are a myriad of books, articles and blogs representing young people leaving the church en masse or lacking Sticky Faith. I’m looking forward to the gaping potential this […]

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Teaching the Next Generation to Lead with Influence

Working with the Global Church to better engage youth in a postmodern context, we wanted to partner with who’s doing leadership best. That would  be prevailing spiritual leadership developer John Maxwell. Working together, we developed his EQUIP leadership program for a youth-centered audience to influence tomorrow’s spiritual leaders starting today. We are so excited about the potential of this partnership […]

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This changes everything: Bible App for Kids

Donkey and the King - Bible App for Kids

It’s here! It’s available today! I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. There are only a few times in my life where I have stopped and said, “this changes everything.” When I distinctly heard God’s call on my life. When I held my first child. When I lost and then regained […]

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