Collaboration: How To Boost Success In 2018

Collaboration: how to boost success in 2018

Increasingly as we’re seeing ministries work to overcome these barriers, many end up self-reflecting and returning to their original vision. This return to original vision kicks the door wide open for collaboration and understanding that we are better together than we are alone.

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3 steps to long-term help for low-resource communities

[Tweet “Why dig a well when it would be most helpful to have running water instead?”] If you drive through rural communities of El Salvador, and many other countries around the world, you are bound to see what I call a Development Monument. Sadly, however, the projects are no longer being used for what they […]

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Sound bite missiology

“Men at ease have contempt for those who are suffering misfortune” Job 12:5 American evangelicals are quick to serve the poor. But in our hurry to help, are we doing the right things to help alleviate poverty?  We are conditioned to respond to crisis quickly, or to use popular methods that appear to be “the […]

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The future of fundraising: a lesson from Kickstarter

A co-worker asked me to explain the secret behind the success of Kickstarter using only two words. I came up with“ideational giving,” which I immediately began processing through the lens of missions and the global Church giving patterns. The missionary with a vision I recently read about the Yoars family that felt called to leave at the […]

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Missions audit: 5 steps to evaluate the strength of your Strategic Vision

Missions Audit

At OneHope, we have set the audacious goal of reaching 4.2 billion children with God’s Word by the year 2030. To achieve this goal, we’ve had to architect a strategic plan and begin laying groundwork to catalyze a global church movement. Our blueprint will not only to help us attain this reach, but also allows […]

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