Old Story New

I am constantly amazed at how cyclical what’s old becomes new again. Especially how sharing God’s story of redemption during the holidays has been reinvented throughout the ages. In 1847, a French parish priest asked local wine merchant Placide Cappeau to pen a poem for Christmas mass. Famous for his artistry with words, Placide was […]

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Spiritually Homeless Youth

Spiritually Homeless Teen

In his book You Lost Me, David Kinnaman—president of the Barna Group—divides once church-going Millennials into three types of spiritual journeyers: “nomads,” “prodigals” and “exiles.” Despite church homes stalwartly flashing the “welcome” sign, many youth are exiting the building to strap on backpacks and opt for a mobile life, leaving them spiritually homeless. The next generation […]

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