Advent Traditions From Around The World

As the holiday season charges full-speed ahead, it is easy to be caught in the whirlwind of it all. Every year, it seems like the weeks leading up to Christmas fly by as I’m connecting with ministry partners, or spending quality time with family. But in the midst of the holiday busyness, Advent compels and […]

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Gateway Cities for Fun + Finance

A few years ago, I was invited to give my point of view on “The city of Miami’s uniqueness” at a National Christian Foundation meeting for church and business leaders in the greater Miami area. My proposition statement was that Miami holds the distinct privilege of being one of the three key gateway cities in […]

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Museum of the Bible

Museum of the Bible English Translations

Do you know where the Bible came from? Well, of course everyone’s conditioned to give the “right” answer—“God”. But do you really understand the rich history and importance of the hands this sacred text has passed through, the civilizations and people groups it has influenced, and how it has shaped history while surviving intact through […]

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