Hacking for Jesus

Have you ever heard of a hackathon? Me neither, until a few weeks ago. And I’m nervous to talk too much about the concept here because it’s pretty controversial. I mean, come on, anytime you gather a bunch of creative, innovative, techie Christians competing for cash prizes to help fund their unique, niche, newfangled ministry […]

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Macro Trend: Shedding light on the 4-14 window

Cute asian little girl closed her eyes and folded her hand in prayer on a Holy Bible for faith concept in vintage color tone

It’s becoming “normal” to see young children easily navigating high-tech, high-priced pieces of technology. In Africa, I saw more children with cell phones than with shoes. Children are ingesting information differently. Chalkboards are now “retro” and popular on craft sites instead of the learning tool I grew up with in the classroom. The world around us is changing rapidly. […]

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