Outcome Based Ministry—What is it? 

OneHope has been around for nearly three decades. It’s not by accident, and we didn’t just get lucky; we realize that we have absolutely been granted God’s favor to continue doing Kingdom work. Part of that, I believe, is because we have not only chosen for our ministry to be Spirit-led, but also because we […]

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Dare to dream big for Global Church expansion

Railroad Tracks

God’s Word. Every Child. Four small words made up of less than twenty letters, yet one behemoth undertaking. Impossible dream When I tried to put down on paper a plan that would take this to mission fulfillment, it was practically inconceivable. Like when you were a child and tried to think about heaven and imagine […]

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6 Steps to prevent the next generation from spiritual extinction

To young men

Did you know that Swaziland is predicted to be the first nation to become extinct because of HIV/AIDS? If this kingdom does not take drastic measures to regain their nation’s health, an entire population is at risk of simply disappearing off the planet. The same prognostication could be true for the future of the kingdom […]

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