All the Good News

all the good news

Reflecting on the close of 2018, this C. S. Lewis quote comes to mind, “There are far better things ahead, than anything we leave behind.” If you watch the news, follow social media, or plug into the Twitter-sphere you would think everything in our world was going to hell; that  bad news is everywhere. Even […]

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Thanksgiving thoughts 2018


  I get nostalgic around Thanksgiving. This year finds me thinking back to my childhood on the mission field in the Middle East. Those were dangerous times. We were evacuated three times amid gunfire and threats, my Dad was arrested in Iraq, and he was even kidnapped by Palestinians. We had to leave this missional […]

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10 things Church leaders need to know about Gen Z

Quiz! 1. Gen Z is currently made up of: a. Newborn to 18 year olds b. age 4 to college c. age 10-25 2. Generation Z describes themselves as: a. Hardworking, motivated, optimistic b. Busy, focused, and a little pessimistic c. Tech-addicted, unique, and hopeful 3. True or false? Gen Z is the least religious […]

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10 Biblical truths Gen Z needs right now

Sad to hear that we have lost a great hero of the faith in Eugene Peterson. We will miss him for now, but will still look to the words he left behind. As the next generation attempts to navigate a loud, chaotic, and increasingly post-truth world, where culture is both pervasive and persuasive, we’d do […]

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What it looks like to be Spirit Led

I was recently with the youngest Megachurch pastor in America and asked him what excited and concerned him. It was interesting for him to point out that the emergence of ‘celebrity pastors’ was one of his greatest concerns. He went on to explain that the tyranny of comparison can be devastating. For churches that are […]

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6 Ways to Improve Your Youth Ministry Assessment

Assessment should be more Fitbit than report card Click To Tweet There was a moment of silence as these words hovered over a room full of youth ministry leaders and experts. Thinking about assessment isn’t always easy, but it is necessary. Knowing that nearly 60% of young people who grow up in Christian churches walk […]

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