6 Traits of Missions Programs Poised to Impact the Future

Ever wonder what missions might look like 10 years from now? Will we be supporting digital missionaries that holographically appear to unreached people groups using technology that interprets their spoken words into a remote people group’s previously untranslated language? I never would have imagined at OneHope that we would be creating digital missions tools that […]

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Spiritually vibrant teens more likely to “stand strong” against negative influences

Often in the non-profit ministry world, we are challenged on how we approach life transformation. Skeptics question whether God’s Word can really be enough to affect people’s destinies. Critics scoff and say we need to do more than proclaim God’s Word to impact young people. There are hundreds of organizations that believe social justice and […]

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Trifecta: 3 influencers for spiritual vibrancy in teens

What does it mean to live a spiritually vibrant life as a teen? “Strong” teens live a life of integrity, make healthy choices, have a positive outlook, and pursue a spiritual walk. Obviously, there are several factors that play into the spiritual life of teens, but we found that the influence of religious texts, family, […]

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Facebook: does it help teens “like” or “dislike” themselves?

While the popularity of Facebook ebbs and flows depending on the newer forms of social media (such as Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and whatever the “next big thing” will be…) it’s a pretty regular platform for youth to interact on. No matter what the latest and greatest social networking tool is, almost 94% of teens […]

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6 Steps to prevent the next generation from spiritual extinction

To young men

Did you know that Swaziland is predicted to be the first nation to become extinct because of HIV/AIDS? If this kingdom does not take drastic measures to regain their nation’s health, an entire population is at risk of simply disappearing off the planet. The same prognostication could be true for the future of the kingdom […]

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Macro Trend: Shedding light on the 4-14 window

Cute asian little girl closed her eyes and folded her hand in prayer on a Holy Bible for faith concept in vintage color tone

It’s becoming “normal” to see young children easily navigating high-tech, high-priced pieces of technology. In Africa, I saw more children with cell phones than with shoes. Children are ingesting information differently. Chalkboards are now “retro” and popular on craft sites instead of the learning tool I grew up with in the classroom. The world around us is changing rapidly. […]

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