Family Day fast facts

To celebrate International Day of Familes, here are some interesting family fast facts from our Attitudes and Behavior of Youth research. Family is one of the most important factors that make up the “Trifecta” we have determined directly influences a teen’s spiritual vibrancy. Be sure you nurture those positive family experiences by doing things together. Start with […]

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International Q&A: Argentina

My good friend Osvaldo Carnival is pastor of Cathedral of Faith church in Buenos Aires. This incredible man of God—along with his wife, Alejandra who is an amazing woman of God—had a vision to start a church in Argentina, which began with a mere ten members. Their passion for evangelism coupled with incredible leadership have now grown this […]

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Missions audit: 5 steps to evaluate the strength of your Strategic Vision

Missions Audit

At OneHope, we have set the audacious goal of reaching 4.2 billion children with God’s Word by the year 2030. To achieve this goal, we’ve had to architect a strategic plan and begin laying groundwork to catalyze a global church movement. Our blueprint will not only to help us attain this reach, but also allows […]

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Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scouts

Recently Seth Godin penned a post, Girl Scout Cookies, which implored parents NOT to sell on behalf of their kids. More than earning money for this program or that, the Scouts are teaching its members to be confident adept sellers—an experience and skillset adults would do well not to rob them of. There are two […]

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A courageous paradigm shift

Children’s Ministry 2.0 Part 2 Read Part 1: “Who Likes Sunday School” Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. ~C.S. Lewis It takes an act of courage to change or try something new. Believing we were called to help the church figure out an […]

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Family, spiritual heritage, and casting vision

My dad—Bob—mom—Hazel—and my daughter, Diandra, recently traveled together to Kenya and Tanzania to preach and minister. The last time they traveled together Diandra was only 3 years old, so this was a momentous family occasion. Their journey together has put me in a very contemplative space where I’m doing a lot of thinking about family, […]

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