Syrian Refugee Children in crisis

5.5 million children have been affected by the country’s three-year war. [1] On the anniversary of Syria’s civil unrest, NBC in conjunction with major relief organizations broadcast a 48 hour “live documentary” to help bring awareness to the plight of Syrian refugee children. They called it a “comprehensive portrait of the war’s devastating toll.” Unsettling reports […]

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Reflections on poverty of spirit, power and prestige

The past two weeks have been surreal. In the span of a fortnight, I buried a beloved uncle, heard the news about the resignation of Bob Coy, and was installed as the Chair of the Oral Roberts University (ORU) Board of Trustees. I was sequestered in ORU board meetings last week. When I reconnected to email and social media on my flight home, I was startled by the avalanche of texts, emails, posts, likes, RT’s and DM’s that flooded in. […]

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Missions audit: 5 steps to evaluate the strength of your Strategic Vision

Missions Audit

At OneHope, we have set the audacious goal of reaching 4.2 billion children with God’s Word by the year 2030. To achieve this goal, we’ve had to architect a strategic plan and begin laying groundwork to catalyze a global church movement. Our blueprint will not only to help us attain this reach, but also allows […]

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Family, spiritual heritage, and casting vision

My dad—Bob—mom—Hazel—and my daughter, Diandra, recently traveled together to Kenya and Tanzania to preach and minister. The last time they traveled together Diandra was only 3 years old, so this was a momentous family occasion. Their journey together has put me in a very contemplative space where I’m doing a lot of thinking about family, […]

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This changes everything: Bible App for Kids

Donkey and the King - Bible App for Kids

It’s here! It’s available today! I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. There are only a few times in my life where I have stopped and said, “this changes everything.” When I distinctly heard God’s call on my life. When I held my first child. When I lost and then regained […]

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Warning! You are losing a generation

Teen girl excessively sitting at the phone at home. she is a victim of online social networks. Sad teen checking phone sitting on the floor in the living room at home with a dark background. Victim of online bullying Stalker social networks

I’m not Paul, but if he were around today writing letters to churches, I imagine that he might pen something like this: To all of God’s churches both at home and abroad, I pray for you diligently. I wish you peace and God’s presence and blessing always. As a co-laborer with you in Him, it […]

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