Family Day fast facts

To celebrate International Day of Familes, here are some interesting family fast facts from our Attitudes and Behavior of Youth research. Family is one of the most important factors that make up the “Trifecta” we have determined directly influences a teen’s spiritual vibrancy. Be sure you nurture those positive family experiences by doing things together. Start with […]

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Facebook: does it help teens “like” or “dislike” themselves?

While the popularity of Facebook ebbs and flows depending on the newer forms of social media (such as Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and whatever the “next big thing” will be…) it’s a pretty regular platform for youth to interact on. No matter what the latest and greatest social networking tool is, almost 94% of teens […]

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Spiritually Homeless Youth

Spiritually Homeless Teen

In his book You Lost Me, David Kinnaman—president of the Barna Group—divides once church-going Millennials into three types of spiritual journeyers: “nomads,” “prodigals” and “exiles.” Despite church homes stalwartly flashing the “welcome” sign, many youth are exiting the building to strap on backpacks and opt for a mobile life, leaving them spiritually homeless. The next generation […]

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Research before you launch

Meeting of young business people in a modern office - Start up company, workers brainstorming

After my epiphany about Outcomes Based Ministry in Swaziland, we launched a giant research effort in order to better understand the heartfelt needs of the next generation we are attempting to reach. We use the findings of this research to help us design Scripture products and programs tailored to speak to the relevant needs of […]

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